How to Write, Publish & Profit with Kindle Kids’ Books With Shawn Hansen

Get Started Publishing Kids Books on Kindle…

Hang out with Shawn Hansen talking all about how you can “Build a Kids’ Book Empire from the Ground Up”.

Writing Kids Books is Fun and Profitable.

Here are three reasons why people write and publish kids books:

1. Legacy

Many parents and grandparents write children’s books as a way of passing on the wisdom they gained throughout their life.

Publishing stories representing their own experiences creates a lasting legacy that lives on after they’ve passed.

2. Gifts

A book that’s been written with a child/grandchild/niece/nephew or FOR them is perhaps the most special gift they’ll ever receive. It not only creates a lasting memory, it’s a keepsake they’ll cherish forever.

3. Income

Like Shawn, many kids books authors make a comfortable living in their spare time. They love creating books for children and it helps them pay the bills too!

In fact, did you know that kids book authors will earn over $9 Billion by the end of 2016?

That’s billion with a B.

And best of all, anyone who really wants to, can do this.

All you need to know is exactly how to write the kinds of books that sell.

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If writing kids books interests you, you won’t find a better way to get started.

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