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Get more info on this site builder here.

I’m still brand new at this as Amazon just reopened their program to residents of my state (Rhode Island) this month.

But I already love building sites with Azon Profit Builder! I’m doing it in my spare time and having fun.

You can see a few of the sites I’ve built with this tool at and – and if you want access to this awesome tool, grab it here at the lowest price possible.

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18 thoughts on “Azon Profit Builder Demo”

  1. George when we add our own domain are visitors redirected to your app domain or do you host our domain on your hosting and all the traffic we generate stays on our domain?

    1. Hey!

      We host the site on our server, but your visitors stay on YOUR domain. Your visitors will never see our own domain ( Actually, we recommend that all customers use their own domain.

      Hope this helps!


    2. Thank you for the quick reply.
      So to confirm there no redirects?
      Can we easily add sub domains to our own domains? Have an authority site setup with niches being covered in the sub domains?

    3. You can assign a domain or a subdomain to your site. After you assign, all the posts will be directories of that specific domain/subdomain.

      There are no redirects. Everything looks like (and is) your site.

    4. On the thank-you page, you will find bonus training that will help you get traffic to your site.

      The app itself does a lot of the heavy lifting.

      Btw, this is not a plugin that you install on your site – it’s an online app that you login too.

      Hope this helps!


  2. That seams to be a great software in many ways, but why is it only possible to ad 10 amazon affiliate contry-links, they have 12 or 13, and the site is suppose to go worldwide, so that will be a pity if cotumers come in from some of the contries you haven’t added, china eg. with a billion people.
    I do also wonder when we add specific items to our stores, we can’t be sure they are in all amazon contries, can we? there must be a lot of dead links in other contries, than from the one we have got the link from, right?
    and if I take a random asin number eg. B0179K64XU from amazon com & search for it in Germany or France, it don’t appear in the 2 other contries, so does the asin number inset really work? and for that matter the very easy way by inset by amazon gategories, must have the same problem in other contries, right?

    1. We will be adding the rest of the countries in the next few days.

      Some products can be found on multiple Amazon domains and some cannot. This goes even if you create a site manually.

      But the software has automatic geotargetting and will send your visitor to the closest Amazon to them, of the product exists there. For example, it will send a visitor from Germany to

      Thanks for the great questions!

    1. Yes, you can add your own posts and pages.

      You can add your Google Analytics code (or other tracking codes).

  3. What are the settings to be done for adding our own domain in our hosting, like changing nameservers etc.

    Can we have other themes for our store or we have to use this default theme.

    Can we install this on our own server rather than yours so as to sell our site later.

    1. You can see how to change your nameservers here:

      Adding extra themes or plugins isn’t allowed unfortunately, for security reasons. A conflict could be created, and that could take down the entire network of sites for all customers.

      Azon Profit Builder is hosted on our server – you cannot install it on your own server. You do get the option to sell your sites though (if you have purchased a developer license).

    1. Hi, Mamata!

      You likely selected to “Schedule” the posts, and only the first one got published immediately.

      You may want to select the “Publish all posts immediately” option.

      Hope this helps!


    1. Hi, James!

      Ranking on Google isn’t affected.

      This is a dedicated server that’s optimized to handle many sites (and will continue to get optimized).

      We do recommend that customers use their own domains though, so that each site is “separate”.

      Hope this helps!

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