Making Local Money With 9×12 Postcards

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Here’s a sample of a 9×12 postcard that is a proven money maker for local marketers. Expert Bob Ross explains how and why these work so well.

3 thoughts on “Making Local Money With 9×12 Postcards”

  1. I think they want business. Period. I do like the 9×12 concept but it’s
    misleading to slam coupons as if everybody tosses them. The same applies to
    postcards. It’s still junkmail to most people. Coupons are the most
    effective form of response driven advertising there is. The reality you
    aren’t telling people is this: nobody likes ads. Nobody. All ads are likely
    to get thrown away, even the shiny postcard ads for 5% off some such thing.
    It’s going in the trash. Coupons with a real offer get clipped and *drive
    traffic to the business* which is the point of advertising at all.

    What makes more real sense in terms of value to the business? A $500 ad on
    a postcard that “you have to run half a dozen times before you see a
    result” or a “50% off coupon, redeemable at merchant location” that appeals
    to the customer’s sense of “what’s in it for me?” and sends people through
    the door the first time that can be converted into customers?

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