Vid Push Facebook Video Marketing Software Review

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Vid Push is software used for video marketing with Facebook. If you decide to use this software, watch this video first. You should be careful with this software and as it allows you to use other people’s videos as well as your own. When using videos from other Facebook users you should first ask their permission.

6 thoughts on “Vid Push Facebook Video Marketing Software Review”

  1. This raises several flags for me. It’s all well and good saying ‘we
    recommend getting in touch with the content creator and getting their
    permission’ which is fine, but you know that’s not going to happen and is
    open to abuse. This creates the same situation as happened with uid
    scrapers and it wasn’t long before Facebook issued cease and desist orders
    to the software makers. Facebook are already on this (freebooting –
    uploading other people’s content.
    an extract from which reads:

    1. +Mike From Maine Totally agree, but as I said, not everyone will and it
      will become an issue and appear on Facebook’s radar, though the wider issue
      already is.

    2. Under pressure to do something about freebooting, Facebook came up with
      video matching technology to make life a lot harder for pirates. It lets
      the creator know when a duplicate video is being shared on Facebook.

      “Videos uploaded to Facebook are run through the Audible Magic system,
      which uses audio fingerprinting technology to help identify and prevent
      unauthorized videos from making their way onto the platform,” Facebook

      That article is already 5 months old. Pretty sure there will be more news
      to come on this.

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